The creative mind is unique, often intriguing, sometimes haunting, always strange.

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1st /July / 2016

Check out the new COLUMNS by Aaron Paul Lazar and Mary O'Gara. More »

1st /July / 2016

REVIEWS by Cynthia Clark and Barry Gill are now available for you. More »

1st / July / 2016

RECOMMENDED READING by Lida Quillen. More »

1st / July / 2016

Interviews with Catherine Chant. More »

1st /July / 2016

NEW - Cartoons by Vicky Woodward


Welcome to Our All-New Website

FMAM was created to explore, examine, and expose the work of both established and up-and-coming writers and artists. We strive to take readers into the world of the author, the mind of the poet, the vision of the artist.

As stated in our logo, FMAM is a 'mostly' mystery magazine. The 'mostly' means it will be at least 60% mystery, 40% to all other genres.

We're still under construction so please be patient. There will be many new additions to FMAM web site over the next couple of months so check back often to see what we have for you.

Dog Lineup


  • Please welcome FMAMs new reviewer, Barry Gill, and our new Interviews section with Catherine Chant
  • Please welcome cartoonist Vicky Woodward
  • Showcase - Coming August 1st, 2016.
    Cynthia Clark will be talking to author Christopher Nuttall and artist Brad Fraunfelter.



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