Starfire by Mary O'Gara, Ph.D., D.D.

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“All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you; the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. If you can get so that you can give that to people, then you are a writer.”
—Ernest Hemingway

Mary O'Gara

Mary O’Gara is a financial astrologer and certified life/creativity coach who work with writers, artists and small business owners. Location and relocation questions are an important part of her work with small businesses. She lives in Albuquerque, NM, and consults internationally by phone and teleconference.




Starfire - June 2016
by Dr. Mary O'Gara, a writer and spiritual life coach from New Mexico.picture








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June 2016 - Is Neptune’s Fog Hiding the Real Issues in Your Life This Summer?
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Is Neptune’s Fog Hiding the Real Issues in Your Life This Summer?


Saturn and Neptune are in close aspect again, squaring in the sky at 9:29 PM MDT on June 17th. Both planets move slowly, so they are close enough to impact our lives for a much longer time than an aspect with the faster-moving planets. In general, I find slow-moving planets have a strong effect for at least a month before and after their major connections.

Saturn and Neptune are difficult to delineate as a pair. Saturn is the reality principle, the business bottom line, a weighty planet that rules everything from the bones and skin and teeth in our bodies to heavy construction equipment and tanks, government authorities and the courts. Neptune rules meditation and dreams and dance and photography and everything that shimmers and moves in and out of form. They’re about as compatible as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

In my December column, I discussed the impact of this long Saturn-Neptune dance (with three close aspects beginning in November 2016 and ending in September 2016). The triple connection usually begins with events that clarify problems (or stir up new ones); the second event ordinarily makes solutions visible; the final aspect implements those solutions and solidifies lasting changes.

Politically, we’re right on schedule. I first discussed the Saturn-Neptune pattern and its effect on the 2016 elections in December 2015 Starfire column. As we approach the second exact square, Donald Trump has enough electoral votes pledged to win the Republican nomination. The judicial system (Saturn’s bailiwick) has weighed in on Hillary Clinton’s email problems. In Albuquerque, at least, the public protests I predicted last December were violent and destructive when Trump spoke at a late-May rally.

But the impact is even more important in our personal lives. The keyword for Saturn-Neptune aspects is self-destruction. Whatever problems we’re experience in our lives right now can be traced to our own actions (or resistance to action). Or perhaps the roots in our personal choices are just more visible now. The choices are clear: Let Saturn clear the fog and support our efforts to take responsibility for our own choices (responsibility, not blame) or let the Neptune fog lead us to day-dream lazily about a changed world without any changes in our own behavior.

Think of your personal choices as a microcosm and the public arena as a macrocosm–same issues reflected back to us from the political and economic worlds as from our personal lives.

What matters is the vision you have for your life or your world and your personal focus on finding solutions to the problems and resistance (including your internal resistance) that stand between you and your finest vision.

What doesn’t work? Blaming someone else. Waiting for someone else to take action.

Your commitment may be to do a better job with current commitments. That’s called mastery–simply doing the best possible job with whatever you do. Or you may commit to scrapping something that’s become too easy and finding a way to do something that’s more useful, more understandable, more powerful. It’s the commitment to clear the fog and focus on results that matters now.

Neptune will reveal your self-imposed limitations–whether or not you want to look at them. Saturn will show you the bottom line, the baby steps you have to take to break through the limitations and move forward.

Is it that simple? No, of course not. Planets act on us like metaphors, and no aspect involves just two planets. Mercury is playful and fun-loving in Gemini, and Mercury is opposing Saturn and squaring Neptune during the week before the Saturn-Neptune square. Your mind may resist the deep thinking the Saturn-Neptune aspect invited you to do. The trio could lure you to denial or the urge to go play and work on problems another day. Of course, the reckoning will come in September if you don’t plan now.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a perfect plan for resolving problems now. It’s not unusual for the resources to become available only at the final square. But having a plan now and taking the steps you can make you ready for the resources when they appear.

My new Twitter hashtag should be #Iamwalking. Since November, I’ve realized how much more stamina I have for things I really want to do if I walk. Pneumonia this spring made me sedentary. The physical therapist my insurance company offered didn’t show up because some piece of paper got lost somewhere. (Do you smell the fog hovering over someone’s desk and interfering with focused work?) That’s okay. #Iamwalking. I am walking more today than yesterday. If the physical therapist doesn’t show up until September, I’ll be ready with more questions and bigger challenges. (Yes, tomorrow would still be nice, but I’m rolling with the fog here.)

If I chose to take political responsibility instead, my actions will trickle down to personal issues. There I’d probably be, walking door to door for a candidate. #Iamwalking, just for a different reason.

Responsibility and vision change us on multiple levels. That, after all, is what metaphors are about–letting us see things clearly in a different frame when we can’t see them in our personal lives.

June may be a tumultuous month, both politically and personally. At the moment it feels like the kind of medicine my mother always said would be good for me–meaning it tasted awful and I had to take it anyway. Fortunately, September is only a season away.

Mary O’Gara, Ph.D., D.D.