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Happy Valentine's Day

1 /February/ 2017

Interview with Bestselling Mystery Author Cindy Sample...

Cindy Sample is the national bestselling author of the Laurel McKay humorous romantic mystery series. She is a four-time LEFTY Award Finalist for best humorous mystery. Her experiences with on-line dating sites fueled the concept for DYING FOR A DATE. More »


Interview with Mystery Author Becca St. John

Writing had always been about something else. Writing a journal, to sort myself out. Articles for a magazine, to earn a bit extra over my income. Creating play to produce and direct and perform for an audience. It was never about the stories themselves until I discovered the romance genre and realized dreams can be shared. More »


What They Say

“Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret.”

—Matthew Arnold




Catherine Chant

Catherine Chant is the author of a young time travel series available at and other online retailers, and two installments in the Vampire Diaries franchise via Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. She teaches several online classes for writers throughout the year, and her popular workshop GROW A BOOK: TURNING YOUR STORY IDEA INTO A WORKABLE PLOT is now available as an eBook, exclusively at



For more information about Catherine, her books and her workshops, please visit her website at or find her on social media at and