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Catherine Chant

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December 2016

FMAM Interview with Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance Author Regina Morris

"I’m so honored to be asked to be here today. Thanks for the everything."

Author Regina Morris



What inspired you to write mystery books?

I write suspenseful romances that always have a bad guy in them. Sometimes the reader doesn't know who the real enemy is until the end, and sometimes the reader knows who it is but doesn't know the motivation and the reason behind the evil character's deeds.
What inspired me to write romantic suspense is that I enjoy reading them. Good romantic suspense novels are hard to come by.

When you start a new mystery, do you plot it all out from the start (all the clues and red herrings) or does the story evolve as you write it?

My stories are plotted out from beginning to end. I do allow the story to evolve, but then I replot the outline and continue. I always know the ending ahead of time.

What are you working on now?

I write a paranormal romance series of books called the COLONY. The stories revolve around the members of a covert team of sexy vampires who protect the President. Each book is stand alone and features one member of the team. There is always someone after the President or other federal agent. The book I'm working on involves the character Mason. He is a vampire who looks exactly like the President. Mason fills in for the President when social engagements become too dangerous. In one such event, the President is poisoned and Mason must solve the mystery of who is trying to overthrow the government.

What is your typical day like?

I have a full-time job outside the home and one teenage child still living at home. I wake up two hours before I need to just so I can write in the mornings undisturbed. I then get her off to school and myself off to work.

What’s the most interesting or unusual research you’ve done for a book you’re writing?

I do a lot of research on Presidential protocol and the history of the government buildings in D.C. My latest book involves the poisoning of the President, so I'm researching how the White House cooks get food into the White House, who prepares the meals, how do the menus get created, who pays for the food, etc.

Where do you get your ideas for the mysteries in your books?

Many times I get ideas from song lyrics. One of my novels, which wasn't a mystery at all, was about a vampire agent who publicly takes a bullet while protecting the President from an assassination attempt. The hero heals, because he's a vampire, but has to take time off due to his very public demise. He fakes his funeral and goes to Europe where he becomes a body guard for a pop star. I got the idea from the Queen song, “Another One Bites the Dust.” The lyric, “Out of the doorway the bullets rip”, made me think about what would happen if out of the crowd a bullet rips and “kills” an immortal on public television. The world doesn't know about vampires. The hero has to give up who he is and become someone else. Surely there is a personality crisis in there somewhere. What would his options be? How would he deal with the circumstances of his demise?

How long does it typically take you to write a mystery book?

I write my novels usually within two months. It can take an additional two or three months to do the marketing for them, to get them edited and formatted, and to release them.


Regina Morris writes suspenseful paranormal romances, contemporary romances, and fantasy time travels. Chocolate and caffeine fuel her so she can wake up extra to write before heading to her full-time job. All of her books are stand alone and complete stories.

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WINTER WISHES by Regina Morris

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Samuel needs a holiday miracle. The Vampire Council is after him, he's falling in love with his best friend's mother-in-law, and there's artwork hanging on the wall that was stolen by the Nazis. Life is spiraling out of control for this Jewish vampire as he spends the Christmas holiday baking cookies and wrapping gifts for the needy.

Louise is busy with her charities and hosting her annual Christmas party. Putting a smile on her face proves difficult when her soon to be ex-husband arrives with a bimbo on his arm, her proposed divorce settlement is far from fair, and the sexy stranger she’s starting to fall for believes she’s a Nazi.