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December 2017

Interview with Suspense Author TR Fischer

What inspired you to write mystery books?

I’ve always loved mystery and suspense, whether books, movies or TV. So when I got the bug to write my first book, it just happened without even thinking. Whatever I wrote would be full of mystery and suspense. I figured I’d take a page from the oft-mentioned writers’ mantra of write what you know only with a twist - write what you like. I’m so glad I made that choice because with as many times as I have to read my work while tweaking a story, I enjoy the story. (If I do say so myself!)

When you start a new mystery, do you plot it all out from the start (all the clues and red herrings) or does the story evolve as you write it?

A little of both. I like to know where I’m going, but my characters sometimes stick out their foot and trip me. When I get back to my feet and question them for their rude behavior, they point me where they want me to go. Usually they’re right and the story is better. :) Sometimes my research leads me to change the plot as well. I’ll have something all buttoned up and then I talk to an expert in the area I’m researching and I realize my original idea was half-baked. So I pivot. I enjoy the process with its unfolding surprises.

What are you working on now?

I’m wrapping up the second book in my Colorado Tempest Series. My working title is Where There’s Smoke. The series follows arson investigator, Trey Long, and a former suspect-turned-fiancé as they wade through the waters of being a newly engaged couple with demons from the past still chasing after them.

What is your typical day like?

Typical? Bwhahaha! My life doesn’t have much in the way of typical unless you count eating three times a day and sleeping at night. My husband and I are serial entrepreneurs. So, in addition to writing fiction, we raise bison and cattle on two Colorado ranches and we’re building out an event venue. That said, generally my mornings are crammed with things like writing marketing pieces, emails (insert finger down back of throat), accounting (again, that finger…) DIY projects for my home or the venue and phone calls. I take a break to regroup during lunch and then escape to my basement office to write so I won’t be distracted. I make time to get out for a walk or a hike as often as possible because it refuels me both physically and creatively.

What’s the last mystery book you read that you really loved and would recommend?

I LOVED Where The Lost Girls Go by R.J. Noonan. It’s Part 1 in her Laura Mori Mystery Series. The main character has just the right blend of savvy and personal hang-ups to help me relate to her and the plot was superb.

Where do you get your ideas for the mysteries in your books?

Mostly from my imagination, which is always dialed to FULL SPEED. I can’t help myself. We were on a road trip the summer before last driving the backroads in Minnesota. I saw an abandoned farmhouse and bam, an entire story plot just plopped right into my little head. I made my husband be quiet for like thirty minutes while I jotted it all down. I used to keep a small notebook with me for those random acts of creativity but now I just a voice recorder on my cell phone, which saves loads of time.

How long does it typically take you to write a mystery book? Each successive book being finished in a shorter timeframe. My last release came together very quickly—including research and my own editing process, it was just four months. I wrote the first draft in six weeks, with Thanksgiving and Christmas thrown in the middle. My current project is taking much longer because I’ve had so many life interruptions and delays as I waited for people who promised me an interview to get back to me.




Prey For Me by TR Fischer

Colorado Tempest Series, Book 1

Lacy Carter is not who she pretends to be. After six months of hiding from her stalker, a chance meeting with firefighter, Trey Long, sparks hope for a normal life - until she finds a pink rose in her locked car.

Trey can't forget the beautiful woman who captured his attention and then disappeared. When Lacy becomes a suspect in several arsons, Trey dives headlong into a blazing conflict of interest that risks both his job and his heart.

Both Lacy and Trey must decide who they can trust and if they're willing to get burned in the process.

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About the Author

TR Fischer grew up in and around Boulder, Colorado. After moving to California and sampling life in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, she and her husband returned to the Denver area. That didn’t satisfy, so the city dwellers took up raising buffalo in the Colorado Rockies, along with their four rambunctious children. Each day is an adventure, on and off the page.

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