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New review this month from:

Aaron Paul Lazar and Cynthia Lee Clark


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  • Blood on the Chesapeake
    By Randy Overbeck
    Wild Rose Press, April 10, 1019, 400 pages, eBook
    ISBN: 978-1-50922328-2


Darrell Henshaw, a history teacher moves to Wilshire Maryland for a new start.  Wilshire is a charming, quaint, and calm town or so it seems and Darrell thinks, who knows maybe this new start will also bring a new love.  But nothing is as it seems.  A murder occurred in the high school where teaches thirty years prior.  And he thinks a ghost is haunting his office.  And yet, this is not his first encounter with the other side!  Darrel tries desperately to not engage with the ghost or the ghost’s demand for him to get involved but eventually he gives in.  As Darrel begins to look into the cold case he discovers a new love, correlations to the civil rights movement, and even the Klu Klux Klan.  And what cold case would not be complete without a current murder or two? Two resident helping Darrell are murdered complicating his investigation.  It all comes down to whether Darrell is willing to risk his life to solve the cold case and expose those who “got away” for a young man that was murdered long before he ever came there. 

Randy’s descriptions are vibrant and made me feel like I was in this charming, quaint time.  He has woven a thrilling “who dun ’it” with a supernatural edge.  Delightful and engrossing!  Enjoyed it!

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 4.8.

Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D., Ph.D., MHt., Diplomate Homeland Security

book cover
  • Title: The Beachcombers: Prequel
    Author: Stephanie Queen
    ASIN: B0186CEQ6M
    No. Pages: 234
    Ebook price: $0.99


    I needed this book. I mean, I really needed it. In the dead of frigid winter with my patience wearing thin, I needed a trip to Martha’s Vineyard in the middle of summer.

    Not only that, but living vicariously through heroes Dane Blaise and Shana George was an absolute blast.

    I don’t write reviews that rehash a plot already told in the book summary, or already elaborated on in other reviews. I like to tell you how the book made me feel and what I enjoyed about it.

    The first page of The Beachcombers: Prequel had me absolutely hooked. When agent Shana George steps off the plane on Martha’s Vineyard in her role as little-rich-girl surfing competitor, all heads turn. Readers can feel the sun, smell the tangy, salty air, and feel the wind whipping their hair.

    The point of view is deftly switched to that of Dane Blaise, the damaged, rough ‘n’ ready agent whose been chosen to play out this deadly game with her. He’s everything you’d want in a tough guy spy hero – strong, quick-thinking, clever, and actually quite human deep beneath the rough exterior.

    Filled with high action suspense set in a luscious backdrop of beaches and a Cape Cod village, the story grabs you fast and won’t let go. It’s a smooth and easy read, too.

    USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Queen balanced the taut action with a tense sexual attraction between the Dane and Shana that heated up the pages without unnecessary graphic details. It takes a good writer to be able to impart such heat without losing the tension of the plot as it goes forward. Kudos, Ms. Queen!

    This is the first of many books in the Beachcomber series and is highly recommended by Aaron Paul Lazar, USA Today bestselling author.


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